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Conducting a soil test as early as possible is probably the best investment you can ever make with regards to your build. 


Footing design depends on the condition and quality of the soil (and subsurface conditions).  The soil test report provides the recommended founding material for stumps or type of slab or strip footing required. This is critical to determining the footing costs.


Your site is classified, based upon the expected movement of the foundation soils - generally related to the capacity of the soil to shrink and swell.

The following classifications may be typically given:


CLASS 'A' - Little or no ground movement

CLASS 'S' - Slightly reactive sites

CLASS 'M' - Moderately reactive sites

CLASS 'H' - Highly reactive sites

CLASS 'E' - Extremely reactive sites

CLASS 'P' - Problem site


Note - Class P sites can be due to the presence of fill and abnormal moisture conditions  (i.e. the presence of trees, poor drainage or buildings). 


A soil report can be obtained by the owner, builder, designer/draftsman, architect or engineer and is specific to the site.  


Webb Geo Struct undertakes site investigations in accordance with the Australian Standard:   AS2870-2011: "Residential slabs and footings "



For a quote please email Ian at ian@geostruct.com.au 

or   call Ian on 0409 188 991